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    Velvet obsidian is a peculiarly rare form of Obsidian, formed by the rapid cooling of viscous lava due to volcanic explosions. It is also called Seafoam and Peacock Obsidian. Velvet Obsidian is believed to aid when treating broken bones, bruising, and other tissue-related damages. It is also thought to help with pain relief, improve blood flow, and help those with eyesight complications. It reduces stress levels and brings more contentment and enjoyment in life. It helps to make one much more open to new ideas, alleviates mood swings and depression, and brings optimism when one needs it the most.

    It has a glassy lustre and is usually black or very dark green, but People can also find it in an almost colourless form. The price of the stone ranges from $2- $9 and shows the beautiful colour under bright light.

    Origin: Mexico. Colour: Black. Clarity: Translucent-opaque. Cuts: Sheen rough. Treatment: Untreated 100% Genuine Gemstone.