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    Stalactite is another popular form of Malachite gemstone, which is in demand nowadays. Malachite is a green gemstone material that is made of copper-based substances and is of green colour. It comes in various forms, which also tells us why the price ranges of Malachite Stalactite are higher than the other gemstones.

    The best part about its’ rarity is that it can only grow in three places: botryoidal masses, stalactitic formations, and reniform formations. When you would be watching it grow, it would seem like tiny needles growing on the ground. Stalactite is one of the most popular groups of crystals these days. There are several regions where we would be able to find Malachite. But the largest reserve of Malachites in the entire world lies in the Urals region. Many people have even started using the same material in green paints, due to which the costs of colours are rising now. It is widely used as a decorative stone or jewellery.

    Origin- Africa. Cuts- Round. Colour- Green. Treatment- Untreated 100% Genuine Gemstone. Shape- Crystal.