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    Hornblende is a complex group of minerals called inosilicates. This black amphibole is referred to as a general or field term rather than as a recognised mineral. Igneous and metamorphic rocks often contain hornblende minerals found in abundance. Chain silicate mineral Hornblende is made up of two chains of silica tetrahedrons.

    It has a hardness of 5–6, a specific gravity of 3.0–3.6, and opaque green, dark green, or black tint. Diamond-shaped in cross-section, it forms slender prismatic crystals or fibrous masses of uneven grains. The amphibole mineral group that includes hornblende is known as the calcium-amphibole group.

    Some of the most prevalent rock types that contain Hornblende include granite (syenite), diorite (gabbro), basalt (andesite), gneiss (scheiss), and quartz (hornblende). Rather than pyroxene minerals from a hotter magma, it crystallises because of its higher concentration of silica and water.

    Origin: Germany. Colour: Black to dark green or brown. Clarity: Translucent. Cuts: Sharp. Treatment: Untreated 100% Genuine Gemstone.