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    White Buffalo Jasper stone is usually used for Black and White Stone found in Native American Jewelry. White Buffalo stone is a precious and famously known gemstone found in America and is the country of origin of White Buffalo stone gemstone.

    Different types of necklaces and jewellery are made using this gemstone; it includes beads, pendants, and heavy jewellery pieces. The rings worn by men and women are also made using this gemstone. The beautifully designed bracelets are also included in this category.

    The colour of this gemstone is not particular as it lacks any specific metal. For example, the blue colour appears when there is a copper element, while the green colour occurs when there is iron.

    White Buffalo Jasper stone is supposed to protect us against all the hostile powers and dangerous situations and helps us to develop calmness and joy in our life.

    It has hardness up to 6-1/2 to 7 (Mohs). Diaphaneity is usually opaque and has Vitreous lustre property, most commonly red, but it may be yellow, brown, green, or (rarely) blue.

    Origin: Modern America. Colour: Colour is variable. Most seen are blue and green. Clarity: Opaque. Cuts: Microcrystalline. Treatment: 100% Natural.