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    36 products

    Lizardite Serpentine is a gemstone that belongs to the Serpentine group, and people have started using it more commonly as compared to all the other gems of the Serpentine subgroup. The Lizardite Serpentine is made of the Lizardite material and the Serpentine material, which combines the quality and other essential things of both materials to make the best of them. These stones are more for decorative purposes.

    The price of the Serpentine stone is generally dependent on the carats of the stone which you are willing to buy. For example, a high-quality Serpentine stone with a good number of carats amount would be of a higher price than the one with a lower number of carats. Another thing which determines the cost of the Lizardite Serpentine is its colour, quality, and other things. The United Kingdom is known to be one of the best places to look for Lizardite Serpentine, as most of the deposits of this Gemstone can be found here.

    The size of the Lizardite Serpentine is approximately 4 cm.

    Origin- United Kingdom. Cuts- Carved. Colour- Greenish. Treatment- Untreated 100% Genuine Gemstone. Shape- Stone.