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    Sunstones are found in fine gem quality in Oregon only. In ancient Greece, it was thought to represent God, bringing life and abundance to those who wear it. It is enough to own and wears. The native people in Oregon used it for trade and barter. Light entering the stone is reflected from these mineral inclusions at a right angle because they often have a standard orientation. When seen at the right angle, this causes a flash of light makes the image in the observer's eye.

    Three techniques can be used to see the sunstone's aventurescent burst of light:

    • The stone is moved in the light
    • Shifting the light's position
    • Shifts the observer's eye

    Innovative jewellery designers love sunstone, and it is incredibly well-liked in the regions where it is mined for profit. Few jewellery stores carry it, and many customers have never seen its aventurescence. But after seeing an example of sunstone's aventurescence, people are frequently intrigued and want to try it for themselves. The stone measures approximately 39 x 25 x 6 millimetres and weighs about 54.3 carats.

    Origin-Oregon. Color- Orange, Red. Shape-Different structure. Treatment- Untreated 100% Genuine Gemstone.