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    Opal, which has been subjected to a treatment process and originates in Australia, is known as matrix opal. This refers to opal, which sets into an earth's crust. Andamooka, located in South Australia, is the most important producer of this matrix opal. In the 1940s, the component was found for the first time.

    Opals, unless they have not been treated, typically have very little or no colour at all. There are many different ways to do things. One way to make the stone's colour stand out is to boil the opal in sugar. This shows the colour. In most cases, matrix opal has no depth, and it is impossible to see through it.

    Because of the significant price disparity, you must be careful not to confuse matrix opal with black opal. Because it has been processed, the value of matrix opal will not even come close to that of black opal. On the other hand, black opal is not processed in any way. Because of this, it is still considered a gemstone even though it has the potential to be beautiful.

    Origin: Australia, South Australia. Colour: no colour. Clarity: Reflected.  Cuts: Clear. Treatment: Untreated 100% Genuine Gemstone.