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    Back in 1951, John and Frank Perona found copper agate. Before the middle of the 1990s, nobody knew about these stones.

    Most Copper Agates can't be fixed because they were broken when they were taken out of the ground or when they were first blasted.

    Copper Replacement Agates that are made of pure copper are the rarest type. This means that copper has replaced agate in most cases. If the material isn't grounded enough, you won't be able to see the pattern. Since we've been looking for these stones for more than ten years, we've only found three.

    Copper Replacement Agates are still not very common, but the ones with copper in them are the most common type.

    Copper Replacement Agates are some of the most unique and beautiful stones. Any serious agate collector needs one of these unique stones to finish their set. As time goes on, it gets harder to find these stones because there is less dirt to dig through. To find a virgin ground, you have to be very determined and work hard.

    Origin- Sicily, Italy. Colour-Brown, Grey. Shape- Ova. Treatment: Untreated 100% Genuine Gemstone