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    Paintbrush Jasper, also called picture jasper or landscape jasper, has a deep, earthy colour, and its surface is covered with branched shapes that look like paint strokes. Sometimes, the cracks in the stone look like a landscape. This stone is said to bring peace and take in bad energy.

    Brush to Paint Jasper is an exciting and unique stone. There are different shades of cream to brick red in the background. Some beads are primarily one colour, while others have beautiful patterns that look like they were drawn or are half animal print.

    Jasper is in the same family as chalcedony. It is primarily an opaque stone with a solid colour or a random pattern of stains caused by impurities in other minerals.

    Paint Brush Jasper is a stone that connects you to the earth and helps you feel at peace with it. This calming stone can help you get rid of fear and help you think of new ways to make money.

    Origin: India, Russia, Egypt, Madagascar, Australia, as well as many countries in South and North America. Colour: Black and verities of colour. Clarity: Translucent. Cuts: Sharp. Treatment: Untreated 100% Genuine Gemstone.