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    The stone kyanite exhibits intense energy and unique healing abilities. The Greek word "kuanos," which means "deep blue," is where it acquired its name. Disthene, Rhaeticide, and Cyanite were a few of the previous names for Kyanite. Due to its incredible beauty and extraordinary qualities, it is also regarded as an exotic

    jewel. Regarding its ability to promote healing, kyanite is a

    unique gem. It shields a person's emotional, mental, physical, and

    spiritual elements from harmful influences. Additionally, it creates a

    solid the bond between the bearer and the environment. It is also the ideal gemstone for people who wish to build strong relationships with other people. Due to its high quality, many gemstone specialists compare Kyanite to SapphireIIn. In numerous sectors worldwide, it is used to produce a wide range of goods, including porcelain, shells, blocks, weaponry, and furnaces.

    Origin- Nepal and Tibet. Treatment- 100% genuine gemstone.  Colour- Blue. Shape- Ovate. Cuts: Rough.