Atlantisite 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery

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    156 products

    Atlantisite is a chromium-magnesium carbonate with the formula Mg6Cr2CO3(OH)164H2O and is a mineral. Its colour ranges from pink to lilac to a deep purple. In addition to barbertonite, chromite, and antigorite, this mineral is found.

    Stichtite does not have a face table surface, but the pink tint makes it an excellent gemstone for cabochons. Cut stones are lovely, especially when they have other minerals, like those that give them droplets of green and yellow. Canasite was a pink, granular material that originated in the USSR. This material bears some resemblance to canasite.

    Although massive materials are occasionally carved into cabochons, it is most commonly used to sculpt decorative things like ashtrays and bookends. The tint ranges from lilac to violet and is frequently veined with green serpentine; the two colours work together to create a beautiful appearance.

    Origin: Australia. Colour: Green, violet. Clarity: Real.  Cuts: Sharp. Treatment: Untreated 100% Genuine Gemstone.